Get educated and organized to execute a plan of action.


We provide education for Black mothers on...

  • True Black history
  • The way the school system impacts their children
  • Criminal justice system currently in place that has had a negative impact on the community
  • Issue of mass incarceration of Black men
  • How to effectively push for change through the restorative justice process.

Get Organized

We have many volunteer opportunities.  Any mother can get involved in one of our focus groups.  

  • Peace Keepers - focused on identifying ways to restore positive interactions within the  black community, especially between our black youth and police officers.
  • Peace through Social Development
  • Mothers for Equality - focused on identifying and addressing systems of racism that have  adversely impacted our black children, especially our black sons.
  • F.R.E.E. Prayer Team - focused on praying for healing, deliverance, restoration and renewed hope  within the black community and our interactions with surrounding  communities.
  • Harmony/PTSD Focus Group - focused on the mental health of the  black community, identifying and addressing the misunderstandings within  the black community as it relates to seeking the necessary help to  resolve past and present emotional wounds without judgement, criticism  and/or alienation.

Letters to Our Children

Our letters to the youth and children within our community are to  demonstrate our full support of them and encourage them to voice their  concerns.  Mothers writing letters to the children and young people in our communities to ensure them that we are in full support of them. We know that in everything that changes, there can be negatives and positives.  

We want to come along side of them and help them to be more effective for the social change that they want to see, and partner with them to increase positive perceptions and raise their self esteem.  

Above all these letters should demonstrate we acknowledge their concerns and support there need for positive change.  We use these and other opportunities to provide guidance to our young people on how to properly address their fears and concerns.