We are a focused group of dedicated mothers of Black children who have come together to stop the blood shed in our community.  We believe that all children regardless of color, origin or background  have opportunities to fulfill their dreams and preservation of their  lives.

Our Founder

Janelle Wood

Janelle is a wife and mother of a black son. She has always had a heart for those in need and a passion to build up the people within her community. Janelle is dedicated to ensuring that the lives of our black children, especially our black sons, are protected and given every opportunity to fulfill their God given purpose. 

Janelle earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from Arizona State University and her Masters of Arts degree in Biblical Leadership from Phoenix Seminary. She is the founder of a homeless ministry and served as a teacher, coach, and mentor to women released from prison who want to serve the Lord; restore broken relationships; and become positive influences within their respective communities. Janelle has served as a pastor in the women's prison, various boards of directors, Chief of Staff for the Phoenix City Council, Interim CEO of a women's international leadership development ministry, as well as, provided leadership development training to Christian women leaders from Egypt, Iraq, Jerusalem and Jordan. She is a former member of Valley Leadership and Flinn Brown Civic Leadership, which are organizations that promote community development and growth. 

Janelle's prayer is that she will be a radiant light in dark places and leave a legacy of hope, peace and love.